Cheesy Egg & Bacon Muffin {Just like McDonald’s only better)


Bacon Cheese Egg Muffin - Egg Muffin Whole

Every now and then I get a craving for a warm lightly toasted english muffin with crispy bacon, gooey egg and melted cheese. Something along the lines of the Egg McMuffin but even better! And here it is. Not rocket science or difficult. Just a little reminder that you too can make your own improved version of the fast food breakfast classic.


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Ingredients (for 1):
1 english muffin – find a brand that makes them plump and soft (I like Thomas)
3 strips of crispy streaky bacon (you can use sausage patty as well or just egg and cheese)
2 slices of Kraft American Cheese (don’t use the light version, it’s yuk – If you’re going to blow the diet, do it with gusto)
1 large tasty egg
Knob of butter

Pre-heat your broiler to 400°F
Line an oven sheet with foil
Place the bacon slices onto the lined sheet and grill for 10 minutes on one side, then 3 on the other until bacon is crispy
While the bacon is crisping up, cook your egg
Heat a non-stick frying pan and add a knob of butter
Grease the inner edges of a 4″ cooking ring or a mason jar band or ring top
Place the ring into the frying pan and add your egg
With your fingers, gently move the yolk to the middle and then break it so it spreads – You want gooey egg yolk throughout your whole muffin center
Cover and cook until just done – not over cooked but not too runny either (that’s my taste though, you do as you like)
Slice your muffin in half and toast it very lightly
Remove the ring from the pan and flip your egg over to cook for a for a few seconds on the other side – remove
Briefly fry the top slice of the muffin in the pan you just cooked your egg in
Now layer: bottom muffin slice, cheese slice, egg, bacon strips, cheese slice, top muffin slice
Enjoy while it’s still warm!

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