Chili Infused Vodka {for Chili Passion Martini}

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Use a wide variety of fresh chilis. Remember, this recipe is for a very strongly infused brew. You will only need two teaspoons to add to your Chili Passion Martini. Use good quality vodka. My favorite is Texas’ own Tito’s Handmade Vodka.


  • Difficulty: easy but needs to be made weeks in advance
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1 liter of Tito’s Handmade Vodka
2 Serrano chilis
3 Thai red chilis
6 Habanero chilis
2 slices of peeled ginger

Wash, dry and sterilize your marinating jar by placing it in the oven around 200°F for about 20 minutes
Roughly slice your chosen washed and dried peppers. I use a combination of Habanero, Serrano and Thai chilis
Place them in your marinating jar and add 1 liter of vodka
Put the lid on, shake the jar and place in a cool dark place
Shake once a day
After two weeks, strain your vodka into a sterilized clean bottle, ready for use
Any longer and you will end up with a brew that is too bitter

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