Chili Passion Martini {My take on The Setai Hotel’s Iconic Cocktail}

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One sip of South Beach’s iconic The Setai Hotel’s cocktail and my husband was hooked! So much so that I simply HAD to replicate this recipe as close as I could, adjusting proportions to get just the right amount of piquant. The best passion fruit flavored rum I’ve found is made by Curzon. Others taste too artificial. The chill infused vodka is worth making yourself. Not only is it fun finding different types of chilis to add to the vodka, once you have made a batch it will last a loooong time! I will post a recipe for the chili infused vodka later on. As you know, I always prefer to buy local. And by local I also mean Made in USA, not just from my immediate surroundings. With this in mind, I have sourced an excellent vodka made right here in the USA. Tito’s Handmade Vodka from Texas. Try it!

The Setai Chili Passion Martini

  • Difficulty: moderate - mainly because of sourcing the ingredients
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2 1/2 oz of passion fruit flavored rum
1 oz of 8-year-dark Bacardi rum
1/2 oz of cranberry juice
2 teaspoons of chili-infused vodka
3 oz passion fruit pulp (if it’s not sweetened, you will need add sugar to taste, about 2 tbsp)
3 tablespoons of ginger syrup (this is my favorite)
Red Thai chili to garnish
Chili flakes

Add ice to a shaker
Add ingredients except for the chili flakes
Shake vigorously for a minute or so
Pour into glass
Garnish with Thai chili and a sprinkling of chili flakes

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