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I first enjoyed this delightful cocktail at our local Ocean Prime restaurant in Tampa. I love Bombay Sapphire gin so I could not resist the thought of my favorite gin with refreshing cucumber on a hot summer evening. They go perfectly together! Ocean Prime muddle their cucumber but I found the process too messy. By blending the ingredients you get more of the cucumber flavor in the cocktail. It’s also quicker and less messy to make this way.


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For 2 gimlets – double or halve according to how many you want to make.

2 large cucumbers (blended into a puree) – You need 2 oz of puree per glass
4 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 whole lime
2 tbsp of sugar
Cucumber slices or skin ribbons for garnishing

Place the cucumbers, lime juice and sugar in a blender
Blend until everything is very liquified
Pass the cucumber pulp through a sieve into a jug
Measure out 4 oz of cucumber puree into a cocktail shaker
Add 4 oz of gin
Add ice to the shaker to fill it halfway
Shake and strain into iced glass and enjoy!

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