Guanábana Nectar Passion Cocktail {Rincón Beach}

Guanabana Passion Cocktail - Full

Rincón Beach was developed by one of the best mixologists around the Tampa Bay area for the very edgy/trendy restaurant Edison | food+drink+lab (If you haven’t been, you must!). It’s one of my favorite TB restaurants. The nectar I use is slightly syrupy. It only contains guanábana nectar, one my Colombian childhood fruit juice staples (which is probably why I love this libation so much) and sugar. No water. No acids. It is also made in Colombia! But I have seen many other brands in the juice or international sections of my local supermarkets. Like with most cocktails, proportions and ingredients are very personal. Here is your basic framework. Play around with it! Tried a nicer version? let me know about it!


  • Difficulty: easy
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3 oz of passion fruit rum
1 oz of DonQ Gran Añejo rum (or other dark aged rum)
4 oz of guanábana nectar (sour sop/corossol) juice (sweetened)
Juice of ½ a large lime
Light grating of nutmeg
Lime wedge and rind (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously for about 3 minutes
Pour into cocktail glass
Top with wedge of lime and freshly grated nutmeg
Sip and enjoy!

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