Hand Scrub for Cooks {Sweet Orange and Almond Oil}

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Hand Scrub

After peeling 3 bulbs worth of garlic cloves for the garlic confit, I decided to make up a batch my hand scrub with some Sweet Orange Essential Oil. In theory you can use any oil and any scent. This time I have chosen Sweet Orange in food grade almond oil. But vanilla essence and coconut oil also work brilliantly together.


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You will need fine table salt and half the amount of carrier oil. Coconut oil has a wonderful scent but if you want to use an essential oil and enjoy it’s fragrance, use a non-scented oil like almond or apricot kernel.
Add enough drops to suit your preference. It will also depend on the strength of your essential oil. 10 to 30 drops works for me.

1 cup of fine table salt
½ cup of almond oil
30 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil

Stir everything together
Transfer to a wide-mouthed jar

Not just for cooks and not just for hands!

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