Mayonnaise {Homemade Foolproof Recipe}

Homemade Mayo

This is ridiculously easy and fast to make in a mixer. My husband likes to makes his by hand and swears it tastes better but this one for me, works every time. The key is to add the oil SLOWLY and and in batches. Make sure each batch is blended very well into the egg before adding more oil. Pour the oil in too fast and it will curdle. I use this mayonnaise on its own or as a base for any number of wonderful sauces: garlic, cognac, horseradish … the sky is the limit!


1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon of whole grain mustard
1/2 cup of good quality oil (grape seed, canola, olive oil, sunflower)

Place the egg yolk and the mustard in a bowl
Beat together until well combined with a whisk or whisk mixer attachment
Add three drops of oil to the egg and beat together until blended
Add about 5 drops more and combine these thoroughly
Now you can pour a light gentle study stream of oil, beating all the while until the oil is well blended with the egg
As you add the oil the mixture will then thicken
Keep adding the oil until you reach your desired consistency
Add any flavors or other ingredients you want

The key is to initially add only a few drops at a time and then, fully incorporate the oil before adding more
Adapted from Delia Smith

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