Hot Chocolate Made With Pure Cocoa Powder – Topped with Homemade Marshmallows

Sometimes less is more and never more so than in the case of real hot chocolate made from unprocessed cocoa powder! No unnecessary ingredients like soy lecithin, or cocoa butter or vanilla or anything else other than cocoa powder, milk, cream and a hint of sugar. Perfect for a cold, wintry, stuck at home sort of day, this hot chocolate is ideal topped with fluffy homemade marshmallows! When you buy cocoa powder, make sure it is non-alkalized. Alkalized cocoa means it has been processed. Non-alkalized cocoa powder retains all it’s wonderful anti-oxidants and nutrients. Healthy and delicious!


⅔ cups of whole milk, preferably from grass fed cattle
⅓ cup of cream, also preferably from grass fed cattle
2 tbsp of pure unprocessed cocoa (cacao) powder
1 tsp of brown sugar (or two if you prefer)
1 tsp of homemade marshmallows

In a small pan, bring the milk, cream and sugar to just below boiling point
Add the cocoa powder and whisk until perfectly blended
Pour into a cup and top with marshmallows (recipe here)

Alkalized or Dutch cocoa is processed cocoa which means that it has been stripped of its nutrients and anti-oxidant properties.
Purchase non-alkalized and preferably organic

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