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Today is Colombia’s Independence Day. To mark the occasion, I bring you the best way to start your day in true Colombian fashion. One of the many things Colombians do really well is breakfast. Whether it’s tamales or a humble plate of eggs. What better way to liven up the start to your day and sneak in some extra nutrients? Growing up in Colombia, this is how we had our eggs for breakfast and to this day, it’s one my family’s favorite.


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For 2 servings – Add more or less according to taste

5 eggs
4 tbsp of diced tomatoes (I like grape tomatoes. See notes)
2 tbsp of chopped salad onion
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of butter

Put everything into a pan (that’s right, don’t melt butter first or fry the tomatoes and onion)
Stir with a spatula until your eggs are cooked to your desired done-ness


Serve with all or any of the following: arepa (recipe coming soon), ají, toast, pan de yuca or whatever else that takes your fancy.

I find grape tomatoes hold their shape better, are tasty and less watery than other varieties.
There is no need to pre-fry your vegetables. They will cook lightly as you stir the whole dish. You want whole tasty tomatoes chunks with a hint of onion, not mushy vegetables in your eggs.

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    Eileen ogle

    Liked this a lot; filling without feeling heavy. This will definitely be part of my breakfast lineup.

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