Marshmallows – Homemade, Fluffy and Corn Syrup Free!


It’s another one of those recipes where once you have tried the homemade version, you will never want to buy mass produced and packaged ones ever again! This is an easy basic recipe. It uses no corn syrup. I actually have no idea why so many other recipes call for corn syrup and make it more complicated than it actually it is. This is just the basic recipe. The possible flavor combinations are too exciting for words! And you guessed it … posts of flavored marshmallows are on the horizon!


You’ll need a 12″ by 10″ tin and a candy thermometre

1 cup of water
2 egg whites
1 lb of sugar
5 tbsp of confectioners sugar (icing sugar)
5 tbsp of cornstarch or cornflour- You can substitute cornstarch with potato starch
¼ tsp of salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
10 leaves or sheets of gelatin or 1 oz of powdered gelatin – See my notes on cooking with gelatin here
⅓ cup of cold water to soak gelatin leaves

In a bowl mix your confectioners sugar and your cornstarch
Lightly grease your pan and then sift over the confectioners sugar and cornstarch, ensuring you totally cover the the bottom and all sides of the pan – Ensure it is really well coated
If you are using leaf gelatin (preferred), cut them into 1″ strips and place in a bowl with the ⅓ cup of water – turn occasionally
If you’re using powdered gelatine, add it to 1 cup of water in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until it is completely dissolved – Remove from the heat
You will need to have your mixer close to the stovetop where you will be boiling the sugar and water (see photo)
In a heavy bottomed pan, bring the water and sugar to a boil
When the sugar solution starts to boil, start beating your egg whites in a mixer, at medium speed, until they are fluffy – Switch off
Insert the candy thermometer into your sugar solution – You are looking for the temperature to reach the hardball stage, around 250°F
When the solution reaches 240°F, add the salt to the egg whites and start to whisk them on medium high
Add the vanilla to the eggs and continue to whisk your egg whites on medium high speed until they reach soft peaks – Keep an eye on your sugar solution though
Once your sugar solution reached the hard-ball stage, take it off the heat
Switch on your mixer, start beating the eggs again on medium high speed
Slowly, trickle pour your sugar solution into the eggs, careful not to pour it over the whisk and cause splattering of the hot liquid
Leave the mixer beating and now add the gelatin solution to the hot pan – There should be enough residual heat in the pan to melt the gelatin and the water that was covering it
Stir the gelatin until it has melted and pour it into the egg and sugar mixture
Keep the mixer beating the egg mixture until the it thickens but is still pourable
If you lift up the whisk, a peak of marshmallow should remain on the surface for a few seconds before sinking back down in to the mixture – It could take 8 to 15 minutes of beating
With a spatula, empty the contents into the dusted pan
Spread it out as evenly as you can and let it cool and set for about 4 hours or even over night – do not refrigerate
When it has set, the surface will feel tacky and springy but not leave any dent when touched
Dust a surface with more confectioners sugar and cornstarch mix
Turn out the marshmallow piece and start to slice with a VERY sharp knife, lightly coated with oil
You can slice it in whichever sized pieces your want: small for hot chocolate, square for s’mores, traditional 1″ squares for snacking
As you cut, dust all exposed sides in the sugar and starch mixture
They will keep in a sealed bag or box for up to a week

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