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Mojito Tile

There is no doubt that the first and most appropriate post to inaugurate Caroline’s Family Kitchen Blog, is my mojito recipe. Freshly picked limes muddled with tender mint leaves … gently matured dark Bacardi rum and Florida sugar crystals. This is the mojito to blow all other mojitos out of your glass. It is the one that separates the wishy-washy, over-priced restaurant mojitos from a great cocktail. As with most things culinary, ingredients matter and a mojito is no exception. First, the sugar. Most mojito recipes call for simple syrup and although more or less the same, the result is, well, a simple mojito. Use real sugar. I love the nuttiness of the pale brown kind. Super refined white is a little too bland, in my opinion. Next comes the rum. My favorite is the dark 8-year-old aged Bacardi rum. Your investment in this rum will be worth your while. I have tried other rums over the years but this one is by far the best for its rich deep flavor without the “in your face” blast of alcohol. Another alternative that works well is Curzon rum. And yes, you can make it with plain white rum but you won’t achieve the same depth of flavors. Fresh limes and fresh mint leaves are a must. If you don’t own a muddler, put one down on your Christmas list. It is an essential for any serious mojito maker. I hope you enjoy it with your partner in crime. And it goes without saying, the ratio of ingredients is always a matter of personal choice.


Serves two
2 limes, unwaxed
3 tablespoons of unrefined sugar
24 mint leaves approximately (add more or less as you please)
10 oz of 8 year old Bacardi or you can use another dark rum like Curzon – I prefer dark rum though original mojitos are made with white rum.
Club soda
2 cocktail glasses

Slice the limes in half, one for each glass
Slice each half into cubes and add to each glass
Split the mint leaves between the two glasses, tear them up with your fingers as you add them
Add sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons for each one
Add the rum and muddle really well – You want to get oils of the mint and lemon to infuse the rum
Stir with spoon to further dissolve sugar
Add lots of ice cubes
Top up with club soda

Mojitos are originally from Cuba and use spearmint and white rum (I prefer the richer taste of aged dark rum).

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