Overnight Chilled Oats {The perfect way to kickstart your week}

Bircher museli - served with coffee – Version 3

A few weeks ago I vowed to prepare something different for breakfast each day. And by that, I don’t mean boiled eggs one day and scrambled the next. I’m trying to add a wider range of nutrients to our diet and get out of the dreaded breakfast rut. But lets face it, who isn’t rushed in the mornings? who has time to slice, cook, prepare something different every day? Well, here is my solution to my two problems of variety and time … chilled overnight muesli. It’s bit like bircher muesli but made with milk instead of yogurt. The beauty of this recipe is you can add any fruit you like. And any sweetener. You can even make it with almond or soy milk. I prefer the creaminess of whole milk so that’s what I’ve done here. The chia seeds add some cohesiveness and the flaxseed some extra fibre. And if you prefer your oats warmed up, you can do that too.


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2 cups of steel cut oats (not instant – you want to use coarse oats)
1 grated apple
4 dried apricots
2 tbsp of chia seeds
1 tsp of cinnamon powder
2 tbsp of coconut flakes (I use Trader Joe’s toasted coconut)
2 tbsp of raw honey
2 tbsp of toasted almonds
2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds
2 tbsp of dried currants
3 to 4 cups of whole milk (adjust to desired consistency)
1 tbsp of fresh grenadine seeds

Mix all the ingredients together, except for the fresh grenadine seeds
Cover and chill in the fridge overnight

Simply stir, top with grenadine seeds or other fruit and enjoy this most delicious and satisfying breakfast!

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