Rotisserie-Style Chicken {without the rotisserie} – Roasting chicken has never been so easy … or delicious

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Roast chicken from top

Sometimes a recipe comes along that just blows your mind away! See, I thought I made a pretty mean roast chicken (this one). Juicy inside, nice flavor, good texture. I used to make it so often it became a family joke when my kids were finally put off roast chicken for life. They would rather stick red hot pokers in their eyes balls than have one more mouthful of my old roast chicken. But then I made this version of roast chicken and this is what my two hungry teenage boys did to it before it had even had time to cool down … So I then had to roast another one as I needed the meat to make my chicken fajita bake (recipe coming soon). Again. Again, a fabulous result!

Roast chicken demolished

I was somewhat perplexed when I read the instructions to Thomas Keller’s recipe(in Bouchon). Roast at 450°F? That’s just 50 degrees off the clean-oven function that incinerates oven goo to ashes. Well, good thing I was feeling adventurous yesterday because I will never again go back to making my old 375°F for 20 minutes per pound +20 minutes chicken any more. No basting. No lemons. No onions. No garlic (nothing that will add steam). Now it’s wash, dry, sprinkle, bake, done. All in under 1 hour and the result is phenomenal!


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1 whole chicken 2 to 3 lbs – preferably pasture raised or at least cage free
Dried sprig of thyme
Dried garlic and thyme for basting after cooking (quantities to your liking)

Pre-heat the oven to 450°F
Wash the chicken under running water
Dry with kitchen paper both inside and out
Tie the legs with cooking twine so that they are over the breast slightly and tuck the wings close to the body (keeps chicken moist and evenly cooked)
Sprinkle the cavity and skin with salt and pepper
Place a sprig of thyme inside the chicken
Place in a roasting pan and cook for 50 minutes (2 lbs) to one hour (3 lbs)
No basting, no peaking (go and do something productive while you dream of chicken)
Take it out of the oven when the time is up and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes
Pour the juices from the tin into a pan, skim off the fat (if you want) and add the garlic and thyme
Brush garlicky thyme juices generously over the chicken before serving

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      Thank you! I’m all for max taste least effort and this recipe just hits it on the head. I was amazed! Hope all is well in BC and thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

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