Smoked Salmon & Roquefort Terrine {My favorite Harrods Terrine}

Smoked Salmon Terrine - Whole

Smoked Salmon Terrine - On Toast

The first time I came across this terrine was in London at the Harrods Food Hall about 20+ years ago! It was a real treat at the time for my husband and I. Half of the terrine was tangy roquefort and sour cream (créme fraîche), complemented perfectly by the other half, made up of smoked salmon. Sadly, being from Harrods it was not cheap! So … necessity being the master of invention, I managed to duplicate the recipe at home and therefore enjoy it slightly more often than our budget would otherwise allow. This terrine is wonderful for entertaining! You can make it ahead of time and it keeps for over a week in the refrigerator. You can enjoy it with a salad or smeared on toast. It is always a hit when I serve it. The only “tricky” part of this dish is the covering it with smoked salmon. However, you can do away with this step if you want and just top with some shrimp or small ribbons of smoked salmon instead.


  • Difficulty: Medium
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You’ll need a terrine measuring 10 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches like this one here

3 1 lbs tubs of Sour cream (not the light version) – 1 ½ lb for the salmon side, 1 ½ lb for the Roquefort side
4 oz of Roquefort cheese
8 leaves of gelatin like these (4 for each side) – See my notes on gelatin conversions here
1 leaf of gelatin to coat the terrine
12 oz of smoked salmon for the smoked salmon side (see notes)
16 oz of smoked salmon to cover the terrine
Dill (optional)
3 tbsp of vegetable oil (approximately) for coating the terrine

Coat the inside of the terrine with oil (kitchen paper dipped in oil works well)
Line with a sheet of cling wrap and grease it lightly also – This makes it easier to remove the terrine from the mold
Set to one side
Cut 4 sheets of gelatin into 1” strips and place in a bowl, cover with a little bit of water and let bloom until softened
Over low heat, melt 1 ½ lb of sour cream
Add the Roquefort cheese and stir so both are well blended – Do not boil
Add the softened gelatin and blend with immersion blender
Pour the mixture into the greased mold and set terrine at an angle in the fridge to set (about 2 hours)
Now cut 4 sheets of gelatin into 1” strips and place them in a bowl, cover with a little bit of water and let sit until softened – Keep 1 sheet of gelatin for coating the terrine at the end
Over low heat, melt the remaining 1 ½ lb of sour cream gently – Do not boil
Add the smoked salmon and stir
Now add the softened gelatin
Blend with immersion blender until throughly combined
Remove the set portion of the terrine from the refrigerator and add the smoked salmon mixture
Set terrine flat in the refrigerator overnight, covered with greased cling wrap
Once it has set, turn out onto serving platter and cover with thin slices of smoked salmon
Adorn with sprigs of dill
Gently melt 1 sheet of gelatin in ½ cup of water and brush over liquid gelatin onto the terrine. This will keep the salmon from drying out and will give it a nice glaze.

For this dish, you can use wild smoked salmon or rough trimmings to blend with the sour cream. However, to decorate, use farmed salmon slices which tend to be more pliable and come in larger slices.
You can also omit coating the terrine with smoked salmon altogether if you wish. Adorn with some shrimp instead.
Slice and serve with salad or on warm slices of toast.

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    and if i remember well, it was in heart shape originally no? Great website btw. I have saved it.

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      Thanks Samuel! Maybe you’re right … I don’t recall it in heart shape though it would work as small individual molds. Perhaps it’s the bête noire that was in the shape of a heart? Boy time flies! Hope you’re well!

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