Spanish Date Cake with Marcona Almonds {a must-have on your cheeseboard}

Date & Marcona Almond Cake with Cheese

This Spanish-style cake is more often found during the holiday season and can be very expensive, to say the least! So…. if you want to enjoy this sweet sticky treat any time of the year (as we do), can’t find it in stores or prefer to make your own version with Marcona almonds instead of the traditional date cake made with walnuts (my preference), here is your recipe! This cake is another wonderful marriage between Arabic (dates) and Spanish (almonds) cuisine, making it the perfect partner for your cheeses!


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You will need 2x 6″ springform pans – One to use as the mold and the flat bottom of the spare one to place on top to seal and press down on your cake. You can also use 4x 4″ pans, two to use as molds and two spare bottoms to compress the cake.

14 to 16 large medjool dates
¼ cup roasted unsalted Marcona almonds (see notes) – If they are salted, rub the salt off with kitchen paper
1 tsps of honey (adds flavor and cohesiveness)
2 tsps cognac (optional but it helps bring out the flavors of the dates and almonds)

De-seed your dates and chop them into roughly 4 pieces. Some you can leave in half.
Chop half of your Marcona almonds roughly with a knife. Don’t place them in a food processor. You want whole and large pieces, not crumbs.
Mix all the ingredients together with your hands until well combined. Sticky? yes. Yucky? maybe. Is there another way? not really.
Grease your molds lightly, line them with plastic wrap and then lightly grease again (even if you use non-stick pans).
Grease the spare pan bottom(s).
Fill your molds with the date cake filling and press down firmly and cover top with plastic wrap.
Place the spare bottoms on top of the wrapped date cake and press down firmly again.
Refrigerate for a couple of days so the cake firms up and everything binds together really well.
To serve, just unwrap and place on your cheese board.

This is where I get my Marcona almonds (in the US) OliveNation. I sometimes also buy them from Costco. You can substitute the almonds with raw walnuts instead.
Use a sharp knife to slice!
A little goes a long way!

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